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I'm Inge

First of all, I am the mom of a teenage son, Jayden. I have lived and worked abroad for ten years, most of it in Greece. I like travelling, cultures, history, villages and old buildings. This is where my love for photography started. I have always walked with a camera in my pocket to record everything. And to this day I enjoy all the beautiful things I have seen and experienced by reliving it through my closet full of photos.

Hi, I'm Inge

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I specialize in



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fine art

Fine-Art donker


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A little more about me

My story

I am studious,  love people, go for the motto: it's not a mess here but organized chaos, can outsource difficult work, like to do it yourself and always go for the perfect picture.


I regularly attend workshops to keep abreast of the latest trends, to keep myself sharp, to continue to dot the i's and to network and to work on my skills. You really never stop learning in this profession.


Since 5 years I have been lucky enough to be able to turn my passion into my work and that has been expanded over time with video and animation video. I think it's fantastic and I can spend whole days working on it. I get my energy from the fact that in the end I have an end product that matches the story.


I work for BUVA Homecare Systems as a house photographer and videographer. In addition, I also photograph professionally for other companies and I can regularly enjoy the love and happiness of others on their wedding day. In between I also work on free work for, for example, Fine-Art photography.


People often say...FOCUS on 1 species, but I really don't want to make that choice. I like it all too much to do.

have a cuppa?

If you would like to exchange ideas, have questions, or want to see what options are available, please contact me for a (virtual) cup of coffee!

Who am I

My coffee to-go choice:

Latte Machiatto

I can't work without:

my favorite music in the background

Friends describe me as:

Loyal, humorous, strong,  hardworking

My favorite insta pic:


My pride and happiness:

jongen in pak tussen bloemen

Let's work together

the perfect match

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